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Enhancing business efficiency

The self-service Bulk Deposit Acceptor (BDA) is ideal for businesses with large volumes of cash, whether notes or coins.

This device is an ideal solution for wholesale distribution hubs like mass-producing bakeries, dairies and general bulk goods distributors or depots. Drivers can easily deposit cash takings directly into the BDA and reference accordingly to customer payments collected on their routes.

The BDA solution is 6 times faster than a manual counting process and eliminates the need for the manual preparation of bank deposits.

The BDA takes up much less floor space than traditional cashier offices and does away with the need for duplicate counts, checks and balances and eliminates human error.


What to expect from the BDA

Automation increases accuracy and efficiency. The BDA is a bulk cash accepting machine that makes the processing of queues of depositors a breeze at the end of a busy day.

Save time

  • Fast, efficient and secure cash depositing.
  • Large amounts of notes and coins are deposited simultaneously in seconds.
  • Substantially reduces cashier-based deposit counting and processing time.
  • Meaningfully reduces depositor queueing and deposit transaction time.
  • Reduce the number of hands involved in counting of cash.
  • Eliminates human error.

Robost & Secure

At the core of the Bulk Deposit Acceptor is a cash vault built to SABS Category 4 standards, capable of withstanding the most determined attacks. You can rest assured that cash on site is safe and secure.

Save money

Retailers and distribution centres enjoy an automated cash management solution that transfers the risk from the retailer to Cash Connect - from the moment the cash enters the vault and provides fast cash settlements.

Our secure biometric identification system reinforces accountability and eliminates cash shrinkage. We can reduce your cash deposit fees and reduce the cost of handling cash.

Service offering

  • On-site training.
  • 24/7 contact centre support.
  • On-site technical assistance.
  • Access to an online client web portal to view your deposits, recons, transaction history and download financial reports
  • Install the Connected App to apply for business funding in 24 hrs, or to make use of Instant Access to get real-time access to the cash in your vault, at the click of a button!

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