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Enhancing customer service with high-speed, user-friendly, service automation in banking halls.

Commercial banks continue to try and accommodate long queues of people wishing to obtain a multitude of teller services from money transfers to withdrawals and bulk cash deposits. The manual process of accepting cash deposits is costly and time consuming often necessitating multiple reconciliation and counts.


Reduce queues, waiting times and improve productivity

The Bulk Deposit ATM (BDA) improves the customer’s banking experience by reducing the time to deposit cash. Bulk deposits are on average 6 times faster than a manual deposit. The time-saving aspect for both the depositor and other bank customers is significant, while teller productivity is materially improved.

The customer experience and bank branch efficiency are optimised by:

  • Achieving a better return on expensive services by realigning branch resources to focus more on upselling and delivery of value-based services.
  • Reducing the cost of cash through speed and efficiency of self-service.
  • Removing or reducing the cash management burden and focus from the branch ledger to cash centre.

Thanks to the BDA’s 17-inch touchscreen and high-speed validator, it’s quick and easy for tellers or customers to process bulk cash deposits. This solution is designed for affordability and it issecure and easy to navigate - bringing new levels of convenience into your banking environment. The BDA is backed up by Cash Connect’s years of experience in secure cash solutions and our extensive support network, including technicians who are deployed nationwide with 24/7 contact centre support.

This cost-effective and efficient solution provides a range of optional and customisable features designed to improve the return on investment for your bank branch .

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