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Automated Cash

We put the bank in your store

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We put the bank
in your store

Smart retail cash management and payment solutions

At Cash Connect, we provide you with more than just a cash vault - we put the bank in your store.

Within seconds of depositing cash into your vault, it’s as good as banked and Cash Connect guarantees the funds in your bank account, the same day.

Take your business to the next level with a streamlined cash management and payments solution that will secure your cash, provide you with the necessary risk cover, and facilitate your supplier payments straight from your retail cash vault. So, why not opt for a robust, automated cash management solution that allows you to trade in a secure environment?

You can Click & Borrow to access working capital in just 24 hrs! With Capital Connect you get access to business funding that will help you stock-up, renovate and grow. And, if you have a Cash Connect vault, we deduct small daily instalments from the cash in your vault, so you won’t feel the impact on your cashflow.

We connect you with smart retail solutions, so you have opportunities to grow.

The Solution

Our end-to-end cash management and payments solution will not only save you time and money, but will improve your cash flow.

We guarantee your cash with an immediate risk transfer once you deposit your cash into one of our cash vaults.

Take advantage of instant value, reduced shrinkage, competitive cash deposit fees and a managed Cash-in-Transit (CIT) service.

This is how we move the bank to your store!

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Who we are

Cash Connect is South Africa’s leading provider of automated cash management and payment solutions for the retail community.

While we process in excess of R85 billion a year on behalf of our clients, our purpose is to connect our clients with opportunities to maximise their business potential.

By offering you solutions for improved business efficiencies, reduced risk, easy-to-use payment functionality and an Instant Access facility to the cash in your vault, whenever you need it - your cash management is streamlined.

At Cash Connect, the essence of who we are, is working to connect you with potential.

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Why trust us with your cash?

Our track record is testament to our sound understanding of cash risk in the retail environment.

  • Our technology has been vigorously tested and proven to be the most effective deterrent to cash crime in South Africa’s retail market.
  • Our range of robust cash vaults, built to SABS Category 4 standards, are supporting retail stores across the country and those numbers are growing every day.
  • We offer a managed service to three of the major banks in South Africa and are endorsed as an approved service provider to most of the country’s leading retail organisations, including Spar, Shell, Engen, Pick ‘n Pay, OK, etc.

Beyond safe

Our goal is to empower you, as retailers, with tools to operate in a safe and secure trading environment, and give you solutions for improved business efficiency and cash flow.

Automated cash management solutions have become an essential component of a successful retail store, that is why we’ve coupled our smart and robust cash vaults with fintech solutions that demonstrate tangible cost savings on your balance sheet.

We are dedicated to make a significant difference in the business lives of our retail SME community, that is why our fintech solutions are designed to connect you as the retailer with opportunities for growth.

Cash Connect. Beyond Safe. Connecting Potential.

Here’s what our
clients have to say


“The efficiencies with an automated system are numerous - you are silly not to have a Cash Connect device.”


“I recommend Cash Connect to retailers. If you have to deal with a lot of cash, change over to Cash Connect before it’s too late”

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