Despite the rapid growth and adoption of fintech and digital payments solutions in the South African market, cash remains one of the most used and important payment instruments. Cash Connect has evolved its automated cash vaults into a portfolio of powerful tools that enable merchants to manage and improve their cash flow.

With our robust and automated cash vaults - it’s like we put the bank in the retailer’s store. From the moment the cash is deposited into the cash vault, whilst it is in transit, and until the funds reflect in the merchant’s bank account, Cash Connect ensures an immediate risk transfer and guarantees the funds in the merchant’s bank account.

With an Instant Access facility, merchants can access their cash whilst still in their vault. If merchants need to make an urgent payment for a delivery for example, but their cash is still in their vault and the Cash-in-Transit (CIT) service provider hasn’t collected their cash yet - to access their cash real-time is just a click away. Instant Access gives merchants access to the cash in their vault, whenever they need it.

As part of the fintech solutions provided by the Connect group of companies, Capital Connect gives merchants access to unsecured business funding. Merchants can access up to R2,5million trading capital in just 24 hours - enabling them to stock-up, make bulk purchases at discounted rates or renovate their store with a quick and hassle-free cash injection.  

While many retail businesses struggle to access funding - Capital Connect offers finance that is flexible – allowing merchants repayment periods ranging from 3 to 12 months that can be paid in small daily instalments either straight from their cash vault or a daily debit order.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a retail business. That is why the Connect Group provides retail merchants with financial technology solutions that enable them with tools to grow and thrive in difficult times.

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