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Essential Security Tips
for Retailers

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Essential Security Tips
for Retailers

Cash has remained resilient as one of the consumer’s preferred ways to pay, because it’s convenient, offers them low transaction costs and is universally accepted.

At Cash Connect we enable retailers, like you, to trade in a safer environment and therefore urge you to be on high alert, particularly now. With this in mind, and to help you prepare for the busy festive season trading period, here are a few important security tips.

Suspicious activity

  • Be on the lookout for and report any suspicious vehicles and people lurking in the area or in your store.

  • Urge staff not to disclose any information about your business and to immediately report suspicious enquiries to the manager on duty.

  • Report anyone wanting to know about banking times, CIT providers or CIT collection times.

CCTV & security

  • Ensure that you have good quality CCTV cameras and that they record high-definition images of at least 2 to 4 megapixels in size.

  • Check that your CCTV footage is backed up and stored for at least 30 days at a time.

  • Having visible security guards on the retail premises remain an effective deterrent.

  • Have more than one panic button and have them linked to an armed response service.

  • Regularly check that panic buttons are working effectively and be sure of the response time from your security service provider.

  • Ensure that the armed response company is on duty and vigilant.

  • Ensure that the site and perimeter is well lit, and that the perimeter fencing is in a good condition.

Cash Management and Cash-in-transit (CIT) collections

  • Keep the money in the tills to the minimum and ensure that cash is dropped regularly into your automated Cash Connect cash vault or ATM Recycler, that is built to SABS CAT 4 standards.

  • Ensure that you have frequent and / regular CIT collections scheduled to avoid large volumes of cash from accumulating in-store.

  • Be sure to schedule ad-hoc / extra CIT collections, particularly if your contract or service provider does not allow for collections on public holidays or during long-weekends.

  • Consider closing shop for a few minutes before and during CIT collections.

  • Alternatively, isolate and close the cash office during CIT collections and ensure that the room where the cash handover is done has restricted access.

  • Assist the CIT collection team by being prepared. This keeps the collection service time window short, sharp and safe

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