We give you cost-effective card payment solutions designed with a factor of customer convenience to boost any small, medium and large retail business.

All our card terminals include a SIM card, for quick mobile payment transactions to help keep the feet coming through your door.

With our competitive rates, our card acceptance machines are ideal for your business, whether you’re big or small.

Our card terminals include a stand-alone or mobile option which can easily be integrated into a retail point of sale (POS) system, allowing for seamless recons and cash-up processes, and offering your customers the convenience of Tap & Pay options, as well as a Cashback facility to withdraw cash straight from the till point, without any extra charges for you as the retailer.

Here’s how the Card Connect Solution works:

Provide customer convenience and integrate any POS software with our range of card payment devices. Allow yourself the agility you need to succeed, while our card payment terminals communicate seamlessly with your existing point of sale systems.

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  • A desktop terminal which accepts credit or debit cards is connected to the point of sale (POS) computer / cash register using a communication cable.
  • Purchases are entered on the POS computer or cash register and at the time of payment either debit or credit card is selected by the operator.
  • The POS software then sends a command to the terminal, that includes the transaction amount.
  • The terminal then requests for a card to be presented and completes the on-line part of the transaction.
  • At the end of the transaction, the terminal prints a receipt and sends the response (approved or declined) back to the POS computer. That completes the transaction process.
  • In the case where the POS computer is offline, for whatever reason, e.g. a power failure, the desktop card machine can be used as a traditional payment terminal, the amount is entered on the terminal, and the card is presented.