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Take your customer shopping
to the next level

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Take your customer shopping to
the next level

Cashback Convenience

With us you can offer your customers Cashback straight from your Card Connect card terminals.

Our card acceptance machines are equipped with the Cashback functionality so you can give your customers that extra bit of convenience to withdraw cash while doing any point of sale transaction.

Take your customer shopping to the next level

Give your customers more in-store and get more foot-traffic by offering quick, easy and convenient cash withdrawals when your customers pay for their basket of goods, without the hassle of going to an ATM.

Benefits of Cashback from your Card Connect terminals:

  • Stronger customer loyalty: a service from your point-of-sale (POS) terminals create opportunities for increased customer visits to your store.
  • New customers: a value-added service helps increase the number of new customers which increases sales and profit.

How to activate your cashback function

To set up the Verifone VX (VX 680, VX 675, VX 580) range of Card Connect terminals to accept cash transactions, follow these easy steps on your point-of-sale (POS) terminal:

  • Press ‘Menu’ (*)
  • Select ‘2. Card Processing
  • Select ‘1. Operator
  • Select ‘5. Settings
  • Enter supervisor details
  • Select ‘1. Cash
  • Select ‘1. Yes’ on ‘Enable Cash’ screen
  • Enter maximum cash back value and press ‘Enter’
  • Press Cancel until you are back to the main screen

Need help? We’re just a call away – for telephonic assistance call our contact centre on 0861 338 767.

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