No business can grow without offering clients the ability to pay by any means including debit and credit cards. With more and more people choosing cards, the only question is which is the right card reader for your customers and for you? Which is the most convenient?

The good old desktop version is great for all sorts of retail stores - Usually on a countertop installed next to the till. New innovative versions are available that are incredibly cost effective compared with the card machine models of the past. No monthly fees, a once-off purchase with transaction fees can be charged at a flat rate. Ideal for independent store owners.

Portable machines are essential for restaurants, galleries, bars and petrol station forecourts, enabling staff to take the machine straight to the customer.

Businesses that function remotely need a reader that is mobile. Working from home is on the rise and so are mobile businesses. Customers are now able to pay for goods and services at once allowing entrepreneurs to avoid being out of pocket and provide for those customers who only carry cards.

What about taking your business up a level by offering your stock on the web?

The online retail industry is growing at a quick rate, which makes secure online payments vital. Virtual charge card machines, otherwise called payment portals, are quick to install and secure for both clients and merchants. Despite the sort of credit card machine you use, having the capacity to offer multiple payment methods are always good for business and customer.

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