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Jaco Dos Santos
Shell, Spar Express, Tops & Chippos Nelspruit

“What I like most about Capital Connect is that it is quick and easy, it doesn’t ask for financial statements or a lot of admin”

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Mava Mkukwana
Shell Ultra City Butterworth

“The window of opportunity is very limited. I was given 5 days to make funds available to buy a fuel station. I’m very lucky to have discovered Capital Connect!”

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Madimetja Tloubatla
Engen Diepkloof

“Capital Connect is like my secret weapon, cos I can confidently go and engage on new deals, knowing that when I request business funding, I’m able to get it in 24 hours.”

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Carl van Wyk
SuperSpar Harbourview (Kzn)

“Now I can make use of business opportunities whenever they come up! I’m no I.T. guru and even I could apply online for funding in just 5 minutes! No paperwork – It’s quick, easy, affordable and flexible!”

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Frank Pitout
Puma Bethlehem

“The efficiencies with an automated system are numerous - you are silly not to have a Cash Connect device.”

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Neo Molly Rakau
Total Paarl Mall

“As a business owner you need access to working capital immediately, to capitalise on business opportunities. Capital Connect is easy – Easy banking. Easy cash funding!”

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Jan du Toit
Total Fuel Stop Heilbron

“I recommend Cash Connect to retailers. If you have to deal with a lot of cash, change over to Cash Connect before it’s too late”

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Liyaquat Parker
Caltex De La Rey

"With traditional lenders it is a cumbersome application process and a big debit order at the end of the month, with Capital Connect it gets deducted daily from the money in your vault ..."

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Barry van Wyk
Spar Riverside

"What I like about Capital Connect, it's not a massive process that you have to go through. You know exactly what you are going to be paying and you can decide how long you want to pay it for...”

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