"Over and above the affordable rates presented by Cash Connect, the fact that our cash is transferred into our bank account the day following the collection, and that all risk transfers to Cash Connect once the monies are placed into the device made it an option to consider!

During February 2015 our Build It Bethal premises was burgled and our daily cash takings forcefully robbed from our in-store safe. Fortunately we were insured and after the normal red tape was dealt with we were reimbursed some 4 weeks later. As a result of our bad luck we decided to take Cash Connect up on their offer and within a week our new safe was installed and staff trained. As promised, our cash are promptly transferred into our bank account the day following collection.

Unfortunately misfortune stuck again and a couple of weeks later we were robbed of our cash once again. As per agreement Cash Connect replaced the safe the following day and to our admiration even the cash was transferred as if nothing happened. From our experience with Cash Connect we can confirm that it is worth while taking the time to consider the savings together with the peace of mind knowing that your cash is in good hands."

André van Tonder