Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash Connect Management Solutions, says: “The national crime statistics for the last year show a reality of 55 armed robberies against South African businesses and retailers each day. Retail stores, where cash is accumulated in large volumes, are particularly vulnerable to armed robberies, and these businesses need to take action to mitigate this risk.”

Here are a few tips for you, the business owner, when considering how to make your business more secure and successful. 

Start within:
You might have a productive and highly efficient workforce, but take note that criminals make a point of planning their attack using information obtained from employees of the target store. 

Security professionals agree that more than 90% of business robberies occur with insider-participation and that the multitude of hands involved in manual cash processes create additional risks for fraud, theft and cash shrinkage.

Safeguard the shopper:
Shopping centre management and high street retailers consider the safety of shoppers a priority. With extended trading hours and increased volumes of cash, the risk to customer, staff and business increases.  It is common for a retailer to suffer a material drop in turnover for as much as six months after a violent and aggressive armed robbery attack. 

Robust Cash Safes:
Over the past 18 months there has been a marked increase in bombing attacks against cash deposit devices. Uncategorised, light weight, deposit devices are the most vulnerable as they are easily opened with very little effort. Cash vaults built to minimum SABS category 4 standards continue to be very effective and deliver on the level of deterrence and defense necessary to discourage a repetitive incident of violent crime. “Over the past 12 months slightly less than 2% of our estate has been attacked. Moreover, Cash Connect is celebrating the fact that in 94% of attacks where explosives were used, the criminals were successfully thwarted and could not access the cash.” says Phillips. “When the criminal has to retreat with no reward for his effort, he is likely to try softer, easier pickings elsewhere”.

Cash Counting:
Business owners should consider the cost and risk that traditional cash handling processes pose. The traditional way of manually counting, re-counting and reconciling cash, produces a greater margin of human error while valuable man hours are lost in the process of trying to keep the custodians of the cash honest. 

An automated cash management system reduces your back office costs and allows you to deploy your staff to more productive roles within the business. 

Fast Cash Settlements:
Opt for automated cash management solutions that can improve your cash flow and that can guarantee the cash in the bank, allowing your business to operate more efficiently.

Cash Management Fees:
Manual cash handling is expensive. Cash deposit fees, insurance, cash shrinkage, loss of interest, cash flow and back office costs combine to put pressure on already thin margins. Consider an option that can offer you competitive cash management fees, saving you money, reduce your risk and drive down your overheads.

Automated cash management solutions can take the pain out of managing the supply chain, including the cash-in-transit logistics. Businesses should consider a solution that takes the cash risk and guarantees the value from the moment it is deposited into the cash vault, whilst in transit and until it reflects in the bank account.

Track Your Cash:
Track your cash every step of the way, by making use of an online system. You must be able to view transaction history via an easy to use online client portal and track real time deposits and payments, as well as the history over any required period of activity. Ideally, an online system can track individual teller activity and make daily reconciliation a breeze.

Reduce Cash Crime:
Phillips adds that every year our retail sector faces increased armed robberies. With the current cash in circulation figure of around R140 billion, businesses with high cash turnover remain vulnerable. 

According to Steven Heilbron, also joint CEO: “Cash Connect believes in enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and securely, simply because our cash vaults have been vigorously tested on numerous occasions over the past few years by determined and organised criminals using every kind of tool from explosives to sledge hammers and our end-to-end payment services streamline our client’s operations in the most cost effective manner available today.