Cash related crimes are like a plague to South African society. Millions of Rands are lost to the economy each year, not to mention the loss of many lives in the process.

Working from the premise that prevention is better than cure, Cash Connect, SA’s leader in automated cash management solutions, has invested considerable resources into the design, testing and manufacture of the safest in-store cash vaults possible. And the latest research results confirm that the strategy is paying dividends.

Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash Connect, says his company’s technology has been vigorously tested and proven to be the most effective deterrent to cash crime in the market. “Stores using our cash vaults were attacked far less than any other. These results clearly demonstrate the success of our strategy of deter, deflect and defend.”

This indicates that Cash Connect customers [retail stores] remain significantly safer than those serviced by competitor solutions. 

Connect Connect's annualised forecast is to process in excess of R75 billion on behalf of its client base, including customers such as Spar, Shell, Engen, Pick ‘n Pay and OK, to name but a few. The company’s range of robust cash vaults, all built to minimum SABS Category 4 standards, are rapidly growing their presence in retail stores across the country. 

Cash device bombings have seen a marked decline in the past six months compared to the same period last year, primarily as a result of our innovative design. Moreover, Cash Connect is celebrating the fact that in 94% of attacks where explosives were used, the criminals were successfully thwarted and could not access the cash.

With such an exemplary risk record, it is easy to deduce that the reputation of Cash Connect vaults is a powerful deterrent.  

Given research showing that 90% of all attacks occur with insider participation, Phillips encourages retailers to use the reputation of Cash Connect vaults to their advantage. “When staff know that a Cash Connect vault offers a high level of resistance to attack, the criminals will soon get the message and move on. When the stakes are high, and time is of the essence, criminals opt for softer targets that are easier to crack.”

Safety, however, is not the only benefit Cash Connect brings to the retail table. As South Africa’s most successful independent provider of automated cash management and payment solutions, it empowers retail businesses with services that create greater efficiency and improved cash flow and offer quick access to capital with which to grow their businesses.

“Our goal is to enable businesses to move from a place of safety, to a place of growth,” says Phillips. “We do this by offering improved efficiencies, reduced risk, multiple payment functionality and access to working capital. With us, business owners have a partner in retail success.”