Kazang Connect is one of Africa’s leading providers of virtual vending products and services. We strive to develop innovative financial technology solutions to empower your business so you can give your customers the experience of convenience.

We enable retail vendors to grow their businesses into a smart shop by trading with prepaid airtime and data, electricity, international airtime transfers, DStv payments, money remittance, gaming top-up vouchers and the added bonus of having all of that in one place.

Kazang Connect gives entrepreneurs across Southern Africa the opportunity to boost their income and customer loyalty by providing essential products and services that meet everyday needs.

Our clients earn commission on each sale and with over 35, 000 vendors actively using Kazang Connect devices, it’s safe to say we are the right partner to choose when looking for value-added service, and customer convenience.

Our range of devices, designed for businesses big and small, provides you with a competitive edge in customer convenience.

Boasting over 1 million transactions in South Africa per day, we are proud to contribute to the growing entrepreneurial community by creating jobs and growing businesses to their full potential.

Kazang Connect – connecting you to a world of virtual products and services to build your business for success!