The responsibilities of the position include, but not limited to:

Leadership & Development:
  • Leading a small but very strategic core national team to build culture and align initiatives and targets to company strategy and budget objectives.
  • Influencing Kazang Formal Sales regional teams who work in collaboration with Cash Connect field sales teams and managers, to best deploy Kazang VAS solutions in their environment, as well as to identify and support each other with synergistic drop-safe market opportunities.
  • Identifying and recruiting correctly skilled and driven staff to fulfil the sales and administrative team requirements as and when required. These will change from time to time to align with company growth strategy.
  • Lead and foster business partnerships with independent players critical to delivery of VAS through this channel. POS providers and API integration to their platforms will be a critical success factor.
Sales & Marketing:
  • Develop and grow the formal national VAS revenue channel to meet and exceed the annual budget targets.
  • Support each region to build a specialist direct sales team, when appropriate to the growth strategy. This will involve working with your Director to define the role, source and deploy candidates and develop the role to prove this channel viability.
  • Liaise with the Marketing department to develop appropriate marketing collateral for the formal channel.
  • Ensure the Kazang brand is fostered and grown through staff and partnership alignment and standards, field marketing opportunities and overall custodianship of the brand. I.e., live it yourself.
Customer Retention:
  • Monitor Regional channel device performance to KPIs with respective formal channels, eg Cash Connect, to ensure device placement is optimal.
  • Work closely with Regional Managers to ensure accurate customer segmentation in each region to align support of the Priority tier 1 customer channels.
  • This involves close collaboration the Priority Support channel within Ops and their use of Field Service Technicians (FSTs) to achieve or beat minimum support standards. This will be particularly challenging in the outlying regional areas and will require development of a collective solution with Direct Sales and Ops.
Asset & Credit management:
  • Managing a large credit book within defined frameworks and vetting criteria. This involves working with Finance to set up approval and performance control criteria. Risk control will be a critical success factor.
  • Ensure regional administrative team’s control.
  • Administrative control and monitoring of company vehicles and cellular phone assets, where relevant.
Cost Control:
Assume responsibility for and ensure:
  • Overall control of central team staff costs to budget, including agreeing and managing relevant team incentive programmes with your Director.
  • Overall office, vehicle, travel, and logistics costs minimised and / or aligned to budget or specific project plans.
Administration & Credit control:
  • Your role will be best optimised by initial setup of a small dedicated administrative resource team that is clearly focussed on internal and customer KPIs and relevant reporting.
  • Ensure weekly and monthly reporting to Sales Director and other Kazang senior management as required.
  • Develop key weekly reporting and management cycles with internal and external sales teams.
  • Align customer retention reporting with Business Support and Sales to optimise results.
  • Development of a customer portal for customer channel functional and performance report access.

In order to be considered for this position the following requirements need to be met:

  • Minimum of a matric exemption
  • Undergraduate degree or diploma in business, sales or marketing is ideal.
  • Computer skills training or literacy.

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