The responsibilities of the position include, but not limited to:

Leadership & Development:
  • Leading the entire Kazang Area team to build culture and align initiatives and targets to company strategy and budget objectives.
  • Leading and developing immediate field sales team managers, sales representatives, and local Field Support Technicians (FSTs). The Eastern Cape Area incorporates the Southern Cape from Mossel Bay through to the Eastern Cape and inland to Beaufort West, as well as the entire Eastern Cape province.
  • Identifying and recruiting correctly skilled and driven staff to fulfil the sales team requirements within the region. These will change from time to time to align with company growth strategy.
  • Lead and foster business partnerships with independent Sales Agents as part of overall sales team.
  • Work closely with Cash Connect regional team to identify and support each other with synergistic market opportunities.
  • Foster a trustworthy relationship with your Regional Manager that allows you to work independently whilst knowing when to seek guidance and decision-making approval. Be prepared to share good and bad news as required.
Sales & Marketing:
  • Grow Area VAS revenue to meet and exceed the annual budget targets.
  • The above is to be achieved through both a Direct Sales and Agency channel approach.
  • Closely monitor sales and agency team performance through the KSIS system to ensure optimal vending device deployment.
  • Identify and develop geographic and trading node opportunities for sales growth. Deploy Direct and Agent resources accordingly to maximise these opportunities.
  • Identify and co-ordinate deployment of drop-safe sites within the current and new growth region marketplaces to maximise cash management efficiency and sales retention.
  • Ensure the Kazang brand is fostered and grown through staff and agency alignment and standards, field marketing opportunities and overall custodianship of the brand. Ie live it yourself.
Customer retention:
  • Continually monitor, both yourself and through your team, active vending device performance to ensure Average Revenue per Unit (ARPU) and device lifecycle is maximised.
  • Work closely with Regional Office and the Priority Customer channel to ensure accurate customer segmentation in your Area to align support of the Priority customer channels.
  • Ensure alignment of Direct Sales and Agent channels to avoid ‘churn’ of each others bases through overlapping vending device deployment.
  • This involves close collaboration with field service technician teams (as run by Operations department) and use of Field Service Technicians (FSTs)
  • Ensuring regional administrative team optimise the FST and resources within the region through efficient route planning and logistical co-ordination.
Asset management:
  • Ensure administrative team control:
    • Vending device stock and accurately allocate and manage sales representative and agent ‘boot, stock.
    • Efficient collection and return of faulty vending devices to Business Support on a regular basis.
    • Administrative control and monitoring of company vehicles and cellular phone assets.
  • Work closely with Cash Connect team to ensure deployed drop-safes perform optimally to drive down cash collection costs thus justifying investment of asset.
Cost Control:
Assume responsibility for and ensure:
  • Overall control of staff costs to budget
  • Overall office, vehicle, travel and logistics costs minimised and / or aligned to budget or specific project plans.
  • Work closely with Cash Connect team to ensure deployed drop-safes perform optimally to drive down cash collection costs.
  • Ensure administrative team fulfil all designated administrative tasks and roles as outlined elsewhere in this document.
  • Your role will be best optimised through close, trustworthy support of a strong regional administration supervisor. Your alignment with the incumbent in this position will be critical in the early stages of establishment of your role.
  • Ensure weekly and monthly reporting to Regional Manager and other Kazang senior management as required.
  • Develop key weekly reporting and management cycles with your sales teams.
  • Align customer retention reporting with Business Support and Sales to optimise results.
  • Ad-hoc reporting on newly identified initiatives and development of projects as they unfold.

In order to be considered for this position the following requirements need to be met:

  • Minimum of a matric exemption.
  • Undergraduate degree or diploma in business, sales or marketing is ideal.
  • Computer skills training or literacy.

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