The responsibilities of the position include:

Developing and implementing the Business Development and Product Management Strategy:

  • Grow bottom-line Card Acquiring ISO and Aggregation revenue.
  • Engaging with the market to identify key partnerships to grow Card Acquiring product set.
  • Engaging with key Retailers, Franchises, and strategic partners to grow the Acquiring merchant base.
  • The preparation, buy-in and implementation of an effective Business Development Strategy.
  • Development and implementation of growth opportunities.
  • Compile proposals for Banks, Resellers, POS software vendors.
  • Keep up to date market intelligence (competitor offerings, key players, market dynamics that may influence sales volumes etc.).
  • Interfacing and working with operations and Connect Sales Departments to accelerate growth.
  • Reporting & Analysis.

Effective People Management:

  • Effective stakeholder management to ensure timely delivering of new products and implementations of new solutions.
  • Ensure operationalisation of new products and key accounts onboarding through engagements with operational and support areas.

Research and investigation into emerging and existing Acquiring markets:

  • Keep abreast with local and international card acceptance trends.
  • Develop relationships within local and international key players and associations.
  • Maintain and build supplier relationships.

Product Development and enhancements:

  • Product development may involve modification of an existing a product or its presentation.
  • Formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.
  • Involvement in new product concept brainstorming meetings.
  • Assist with managing the product development process from the concept phase to the post-launch analysis phase.
  • Analyse product set to identify possible product enhancements, reliability concerns added functionality to keep up with customer needs.
  • Primary liaison with vendors for Product Development from artwork to product specifications.
  • Ensure the accuracy of product and packaging samples and seek approvals required.
  • Relationship managements with Banks, strategic partners, Vendors, 3rd party providers.

Business Efficiencies:

  • Review of all systems and process. Identify and replace inefficient systems and/or processes.
  • Executive and Management support – continuous support and knowledge sharing.
  • Streamlining operations within Card Connect.
  • Reporting & Analysis.

Technical Support:

  • Research and Development into solutions for current obstacles and future product.
  • Assist with problem solving of solutions and perform product testing when needed.
  • Engage with terminal and solutions providers.
  • Assist with compiling and vetting of training material.


  • Provide relevant product info to Marketing department to enable them to produce relevant marketing collateral.
  • Request and review all collateral content


  • Engage software development and IT projects on product pipeline and functionality.
  • New release testing.

Partner Support:

  • New partners take on.
  • Create and report on SLAs to partners (STB).
  • Manage partner relations.
  • Partner training

Minimum Requirements:

  • Matric
  • Completed related qualifications in IT and / or Business
  • Minimum 5 years Card payments experience
  • Minimum 5 years Business Management / Key Accounts Management and or Product Management experience
  • Postilion
  • MS Office
  • Developing and implementing the company’s Business Development Strategy
  • Effective People Management

Number of positions available


Commencement Date


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