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Connecting potential

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Connecting Potential

We strive to ultimately connect you to your full potential and then help you capitalise on it. This is made possible by our agile approach that enable SMEs with financial technology solutions that drive improved business efficiency.

SMEs are at the heart of what we do. With this in mind, our comprehensive cash, card, capital and value-added services offerings deliver a versatile range of solutions merchants can use to maximise their business potential.

We believe that our hassle-free business solutions allow us to go beyond our comfort zone, to strive for more and to ultimately connect our clients with their opportunities and potential for growth.

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We Just Moved the your Store.

Our Vaults are designed to be almost impenetrable under extreme conditions, thus securing your money and creating the awareness that, if you have a Cash Connect Solution, it’s pointless for armed robbers to attempt targeting your Business … It becomes known that you are a Hardened Site.

This comprehensive approach to automated cash handling management solutions, enables Cash Connect to accept a 100% transfer of the risk once the cash is deposited into the vault...underwriting our tagline "We take the risk."

The ConnectR range is manufactured to strict SABS CAT 4 specifications contributing to the receipt of endorsements from corporate Retail Brands, major fuel companies, national chainstores and a major commercial bank.

Why Us? Review these facts and stats, and the benefits will become obvious.



Connecting you to

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make a significant difference in the business lives of SMEs who are playing an increasingly vital role in the re-build and growth of our economy.

We are dedicated to the success of SMEs and pride ourselves on providing frictionless solutions by connecting entrepreneurs with solutions to trade efficiently and grow their businesses to its ultimate potential.

At Cash Connect we manage in excess of R80 billion a year on behalf of our diverse client base. We are an approved service provider to blue-chip companies including Spar Group, Shell, Engen, Pick ‘n Pay, OK as well as to the three largest banks in South Africa - FNB, ABSA and Standard Bank.

Our solutions include business funding aimed at targeting and developing growth opportunities for SMEs. Access to our loan capital is quick and easy, in just 24 hours - providing the agility needed by entrepreneurs in South Africa.

The recent acquisitions of Kazang and EFTPOS have accelerated the development of our product offering and fintech enabled solutions, all of which contribute meaningfully to the success of our SME community.

Kazang Connect, specialises in enabling merchant vending of a range of value-added services (VAS), through a prepaid eWallet; and Card Connect specialises in merchant card payment solutions.

Here’s what our
clients have to say


“Now I can make use of business opportunities whenever they come up! I’m no I.T. guru and even I could apply online for funding in just 5 minutes! No paperwork – It’s quick, easy, affordable and flexible!”


“The efficiencies with an automated system are numerous - you are silly not to have a Cash Connect device.”


“Capital Connect’s interest rate was at least 50% of what the competitors charge. This growth capital boosted & improved my buying power, increased my profits and so much more.”


“As a business owner you need access to working capital immediately, to capitalise on business opportunities. Capital Connect is easy – Easy banking. Easy cash funding!”


“Now I can make use of business opportunities whenever they come up! I’m no I.T. guru and even I could apply online for funding in just 5 minutes! No paperwork – It’s quick, easy, affordable and flexible!”